Monday, April 30, 2012

Little P's Room...COMPLETE

Well- We...or should I say T...has been working so hard to get this house all done before the babe arrives in July. Our goal was to have everything on our list done by this weekend...and we are soooo close.

However, the little girls room is done I thought I would share just where we have been with it and what it turned into!

This is the room before we moved in. 
We lived with it like this for over 6 months. The green carpet is original, and you can't tell it, but the wallpaper on the wall is of little colonial houses.

Then pregnancy hormones and green overload kicked in and I couldn't handle it anymore. So we ripped the carpet out. We knew there were hardwoods underneath, but we didn't know they'd be this nice.

Then we temporarily moved P into the room, so we could work on her room (which is now the baby's room). But she declared that she wanted the room instead of the baby. So...she lived with it like this for a couple of months. Yikes huh? I had tried to remove the house wallpaper but it was nearly impossible.

These were taken on the day we moved her in, so everything was all over the place!

And this the green wall paper on all the other walls. It was a nightmare to remove. There were 2 layers of the EXACT same wallpaper on each wall. No joke! And check out the green trim!

And finally- we have the finished product! 

And keep in mind, the girl's favorite color is green. Loves it! She was disappointed when the green wallpaper came off. So we painted the walls Melange Green from Sherwin Williams. 

 Curtains are from Pottery Barn Kids (we've had them since we moved into the house.

Artwork over the bed is all Little P. 

Shelving is Expedit from IKEA.  

Rug is from

 I love the bookshelves. They hold so much! And I love this picture because Little P made all of her animals kiss. Hehe! She's a lover!

I'm so pleased with how it turned out! Much better than the 1960's we had!


Vicki said...

Great Job! I love the room and Love that rug! Hope you and that new little one are doing well!

mamauk said...

Oh my goodness Allison!!!!!!! That is just so beautiful!!!!! You did such an amazing job, it is gorgeous. Where did the mirror come from? I'm a big fan of white furniture, we have mostly white in our home. Really, you've made such a beautiful room for her.

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

OH MY WORD!!!! It's magazine worthy!!! Amazing transformation! I am obsessed with that rug! Love that color green....reminds me of our house in Charlotte!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love it too! Maybe it will get me motivated to work on Evie's and it reminded me to get one of those things to hang her artwork on. I love the rug and the the bed has always been one of my favorites. Hope all is well. July will be be here before you know it. What color is the trim? I need to re-do Evie's because it looks yellow against the pink. I used Creamy by Sherwin Williams.