Monday, May 14, 2012

Guess Where We've Been

Probably the best beach ever!!! We went to Anna Maria Island, FL. Seriously- the most beautiful beach in the US that I have ever seen! T and I love the Caribbean, but this I think has it beat. I know that sounds strange...but it was so wonderful.

Here's the cute little cottage we rented. It was 2 blocks from the beach and had its own pool!!! 

Here's my little sassy girl on the white sand beaches! 

This was on a rather windy day, so there were a lot more waves and the water, while still clear, was not as clear as it got.

We watched the sunset over the Gulf. Such a beautiful sight!  

 And we played and played and played! Believe it or not- this is Little P in the Gulf! Not the pool!! Look at the water! 

And check this out...there is no photoshopping at all on this picture. NOTHING!! That is exactly how it looked. 

And this is our girl in the pool. It was so nice having it just outside our door. And the pool was the clear winner for Little P and T. I'm more of a beach person, but everyday the 2 of them just wanted to play in the pool! This girl had a permagrin the whole time in the pool!

And just proof that this little boy or girl was with's my big ass belly at the beach! 

And finally- a family picture of just the 3.5 of us. This was taken the morning we left! P was even still  in her PJs! 

And just a funny little story... One day at the beach, as we were all crammed under the beach umbrella, a seagull took a huge dump right on Thomas and Little P. We don't know how it happened, cause we were all protected, and if anyone should have been hit, it would have been my was a huge crap. Thomas and I were laughing...then all the sudden P realized she had been hit, and started crying like you wouldn't believe. I mean, really crying. She was so upset that she had been shit on by this bird! Oh it was hysterical.

Later that night, we were talking about the day and we said something like...Can you believe that bird today...And with the most serious look on her face, she said "That bird dropped a big load on us!"



JGun said...

Love it! So pretty that I think I need to go next time to help since y'all will have another one to keep your hands full. Although Ruby clashes with the paint scheme of the house, it is cute! Tell P that somewhere in our warped tales, getting "pooped" on by a bird is good luck...LOL!!! My kind of place with white sandy beach and water you can see through. And where are T's flip flops? Love the fam photo, especially you in the pregnancy look...You wear it well!!!

Court said...

Looks gorgeous!! Love your pictures. I'm with you, I love the Florida gulf as much as the Caribbean:)