Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lots of Changes

There have been lots of changes in this little house of ours.

This room got remodeled....

Don't you just love the painting? I'll tell you more about that soon!

And this little boy joined our little family! Isn't he just a precious one? I call him Mr. Man. I never expected a boy...but man, I can't imagine anything different now. His smiles, like his sister's, just melt my heart.

We also added 2 more precious babes. Our Niece and Nephew joined our little family too. We are still adjusting to having a newborn, a pre-teen, and a teenager among us! But our family is full...full of love, playfulness, cooking, sorting, cleaning, diapering, laundry, cooking some more, and playing some more!

I hope to get back to this blogging thing now! Kids back in school, early morning feedings, and full nights worth of sleep will motivate me to start documenting this crazy train a little more frequently!

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Becky said...

Welcome Back! your little man is just adorable!! Love and Hugs to you all